Simple Web Crawler Service


  • Simple web crawler service that takes a page URL and returns the HTML markup of that page.
  • Only handles absolute urls.
GET /?url={page absolute url}
Host: localhost:3000
status: 200 OK
content-type: json
body: {
data: “html Content”
GET /?url={wrong string}
Host: localhost:3000
status: 400
text: ‘send absolute url with protocol included’


npm install
npm start


npx express-generator
express — no-view simple-web-crawler-service
if (!req.query || !req.query.url 
|| !validator.isURL(req.query.url,
{ require_host: true, require_protocol: true })) {
return res.status(400).send(‘send absolute url with protocol included’) }
const axios = require(‘axios’)async function getContent(url) { 
try {
let response = await axios(url)
} catch (error) {
return null
npm install jest --save-dev
"test": "jest — coverage — watchAll"




Senior Software Engineer @Andela

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Temitope Omotunde

Temitope Omotunde

Senior Software Engineer @Andela

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